frequently asked questions

our mission

Our mission is to brew damn good beer, highlight local artists, and create a space that nurtures community. 

We do not have a kitchen in our taproom, however we partner with several local establishments who will deliver directly to the brewery. Jake's Pizza and Great Wall will deliver for free AND we also give you a dollar off of your beer if you show us you purchased it! (Their menus are in our taproom).

We also have FOOD TRUCKS whenever we are able to book them. You can stay updated with our food truck schedule on our online calendar. Generally, we'll have food trucks as much as we can Fri-Sun. 

We are also in connection with 3rd Street Tavern, Patrick's Bar, Wing Kings, and others in the St. Peter area. 

Oh, and you are also welcome to bring in your own food! 

We do have snacks available for purchase, including Von Hansen's Pretzels (7 flavors), Auntie Wendy's Kettle Corn, and River Rock Bakery Cookies. 

A: YES! We love our four-legged furry friends! Read on to learn more about having your canine pals at Paddlefish:

DOG ETIQUETTE (as prescribed by the MN Dept of AG!):

Owners must maintain control of dogs at all times. Dogs must be on a non-retractable, standard leash no longer than six (6) feet while on premises. No dogs behind the bar or in production areas. Please keep your pup out of aisles!

Dogs must be house trained.

A current Animal License must be affixed to a properly fitted collar.

Dogs must get along with people and other dogs.

No barking! (one or two barks is understandable, but nothing excessive)

Dogs must stay on the floor. No dogs on furniture or laps.

Dogs may eat/drink ONLY from separate dog bowls on the floor.

* We reserve the right to ask your dog to leave at any time *

A: We serve alcoholic seltzer in rotating flavors.

Under our license, guest taps and outside alcohol are currently prohibited by state law. 

A: Yes! We currently have a number of options. Check with any beertender to see what’s available. We are also working hard to offer one of our flagship beers as non-alcoholic. 

A: Yes, of course! Families with kiddos of all ages are more than welcome. We only ask that parents/guardians make sure their kiddos are behaving appropriately (i.e. not running around screaming, throwing potatoes, etc)

A: Nope! Folks of all ages are welcome. Obviously, you have to be at least 21 to drink alcohol!

A: Yes, we currently have 4. The owners are diehard Twins/Wild/Wolves/Vikings fans (except Luke, who’s a silly Packer’s fan), so we will make sure to have those games on when possible!

A: We will! Starting in the spring of 2024, we'll have a small patio that fits roughly 20-25 people. 

A: We currently don’t have a private space separate from the taproom, however, we can rope off about 1,000 sq feet for a small fee. The entire taproom can also be all yours on a Monday or Tuesday or before we open (i.e. Saturday or Sun from 10am-noon, etc). If you are interested in roping off some space or hosting a soiree on a Monday, Tuesday or before we open, you can fill out your info on the Private Events page and we’ll get back to you!

A: Yes! We love our music. We are currently planning on having live music in the taproom on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Check out our Taproom/Events page for upcoming events. If you are a musician and looking to play live for us, please fill out our artist submission form on our website under the 'Contact' tab. 

A: Yes we do! For groups over 20, we appreciate a formal heads up. Please reach out to us at [email protected], and we will make sure our staff is ready to accommodate your group. We do not reserve tables for large groups (see above), and we don't offer large group discounts.

A: Not yet, but if a Monday shindig is preferable to say your vows perhaps you would like to be the first?  See above for our event rental information.

A: All unpaid, open tabs are closed out at the end of the evening and a 20% gratuity is added. You can pick up your card during public taproom hours.

A: If you think you left something behind, please email us at [email protected] and we can confirm whether we have it or not. Your items can be picked up during normal taproom hours

A: Parking is located on the south side of our building and also on the street. If you need to leave your car, please do so! Be safe and responsible. 

A: When we do have an opening, we will share job openings via our social media accounts, so make sure you’re following us! Also check out our jobs page for all openings.

A: If you have an event idea that we feel makes sense for Paddlefish to host during public hours, we’d love to hear about it! However, almost all special events that we host require a private event contract and can only occur during non-public taproom hours (i.e. on a Monday or Tuesday).

A: All draft options will be up to date on our website, and inside our taproom.  

A: YES! Please make sure your growler is clean when you bring it in. We will make sure it is clean and sanitized before we fill it with your fav brew!

If you have additional questions, please use our contact form or email us at [email protected] Thanks!


Reopening Friday, March 15th!

We are in the process of brewing more beer in our new, larger tanks so we don’t have to do this in the future! Thanks for your patience!