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Paddlefish Brewing

Mountain Mama

West Coast IPA | ABV: 8% IBU: 55.6

When a Rocky Mountain man meets a Minnesota girl, there's bound to be love in the air... and number one hit songs.

When a blend of West Coast hops get together there's bound to be bold flavors... and smiles for miles. Let this West Coast fill up your senses and transport you to a country road headed home.

Red owl

Amber | ABV: 5.3% IBU: 25

An homage to our past and a toast to our future. Ask any long-time local and they will tell you that the brewery you see today was once a Red Owl Grocery Store. Whoooo knew?

Almost Capital

American Pale Ale
ABV: 5% IBU: 37

This APA offers a rich, caramel-like sweetness, complemented by a smooth, creamy texture. We've hopped it up with Cascade and Fuggles, creating a harmonious blend of floral and earthy notes that dance on your palate. Cheers to almost being the capital in 1857!

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